your interactions and relationship with her.

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You need to be the dominant person in your interactions and relationship with her. You need to be making all the decisions. You need to tell her what to do. You need to tell her ‘no’ often. You need to treat her like she was your little sister and tease her to no end. You need to call her out on things you don’t like. You need to argue with her for fun even if you know she’s right. There should be no doubt in her mind that you are in charge of the relationship. Now this doesn’t mean you need to be a complete prick. No, you just need to be a man. A confident man who is in control of his life is arousing enough to most women. Learn more at and

By being a truly dominant man, you will ensue you properly arouse her outside the bedroom. How To Get The Ball Rolling When Dirty Talking To Y our Lover You have set the tone of your relationship with a woman: you are in control. This arouses her and now you find yourself in the bedroom. You want to have incredible sex with her… Here’s how: The most important aspect of sex for a woman is passion. If she agrees to have sex with you for free, she is already attracted to you. Now she wants passion. Dirty talk plays a huge part in passionate sex. See, passion is what separates average lovers from incredible lovers. When women talk about the kind of sex they want, everything they describe comes from passion. Women absolutely crave passionate sex. They want to feel the butterflies in their stomachs, they want to feel like they have no control, and they wanted to be fucked like a dirty animal. The key to remember is that your passionate lovemaking is subjective to each and every different woman. Some women crave different aspects of passion than others. Some want the rough, dirty talking, light-choking version of passionate sex. Others want the slow, in the moment, light dirty talk, light manhandling version of passionate sex. No two women are the same. Yet, most women want lovers that are highly focused on the present moment and forceful, using aggressive sexual actions to handle their business in the bedroom. Here is a breakdown of what good sex looks like to most women, also known as what you should be doing when you sleep with a woman: Be a dominant and confident man. Always stay in the present moment. Make her do whatever you desire. Pay some attention to her pleasure. Start slow and sensual, finish hard and rough. Dirty talk in a manner your lover enjoys. Be as rough as she can handle. But, most of all she wants you to enjoy yourself! She wants to know you fucking love to fuck her brains out. The more you desire her the more she will desire you. What To Say When Talking Dirty Dirty talk can take your sex game to new heights, but it’s important to remember a few things. First, some women don’t like dirty talk in bed. Talking too much during sex distracts them from enjoying the act. The flip side is true as well: some women cannot get enough dirty talk. They want you to say the nasty things as you do the dirty! As well, it’s unlikely you’ll make a woman cum with just your dirty talk game. But… Using the right words and saying the right things can bring her to climax quicker and it can take her over the edge when she is close. How To Become More Dominant When Talking Dirty The first aspect of dirty talk is not even actual talking. It’s grunting. When having sex with a woman, you need to make some type of noise. Being am mute while having sex with a woman will leave her wondering if you are even enjoying yourself. This will distract her from enjoying herself, a lose-lose situation for the both of you. Learn more at

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