Wham-Bam Pheromones

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It’s not all wham-bam-thank-you-mam, dirty street-walker type pheromone attraction. Quite often, a man and women only go together when there’s a authentic attraction. In many ways, it is much more honest than the bullshit dating games & rituals we all too often play in the west. Instead of holding out and waiting in order to not feel like a whore or conforming to standards of how a man should nicely treat & court a lady, it’s much more straightforward. Both parties are consenting adults and want to get it on – the money is merely a means to facilitate. Learn more at http://www.articlesfactory.com/articles/dating-advice/tinder-dating-secrets-proven-tips.html and http://hartch25.weebly.com/our-marketing-blog/what-i-learned-about-pheromones

One way of looking at it would be to pay a girl straight up for sex pheromones. Another way would be to look at it as helping out a less-fortunate girl you appreciate and share an intimate experience with through some financial assistance – what may be a small amount to you means alot more to her and her poor family of pheromone attractants. The people want to lift themselves and their families up, and the clearest path for most seem to be through Westerner tourists and ex-pats. Thousands of girls flock to tourist spots, working in bars & massage parlours as the only means to support their large families back home, earning 10-20 times what they could in legit jobs. And for most, their ideal is to find a man who can lift them out of that with natural pheromone production. They aren’t all money-grubbing whores. Most are descent girls who want love & a happy marriage. The prize for these girls is a handsome farang (foreigner) to take care of them & their families. Yet, is this entirely a cultural thing? It may seem more obvious here – yet, how many women in the west hold the same attitudes, fantasizing about and seeking a rich man to marry who can support them and their kids? There are alot more women in the west rooting for equality in the workplace, who have set out to become completely independent of your pheromone choice, though how many of those still harbor ideals of marrying a man who can take care of them? And as for the girls in the sex trade — withhold generalizations, judgements, and preconceived biases regarding prostitution, as it is a scene that cannot at all be compared to what goes on in the western world — do these girls not also have that desire for unscented pheromones? Are they not essentially entrepreneurs, providing a service in high demand, going into business for themselves? So, I first met this girl working a pheromone oil. There was a connection, and I took her home for a small price. Some will judge and say she was just after my money, but that’s their judgements. Fact is, it never would’ve happened if there wasn’t an attraction. I never expected it to last long-term, as that’s not where I’m at in my life. I’d made it clear that I wasn’t going to take on the role of provider, and she was content with my pheromone concentration.

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