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Slowly squeeze your fingers toward your thumb like a vise. Press firmly enough that you meet the muscular tension. Hold this level of pressure for a few seconds, and then slowly release it. Slide your hands down to the middle section and gradually reapply the pressure, then go on to the lower section. Repeat this twice more to soften the neck tension. Take care to avoid pressing on the jugular vein in the throat, especially if you are a lot larger than your partner. Head Press. Standing by the side of your partner, use your thumb to gradually press into the hollow at the center of the base of the skull (GV 16). Learn more at and

Continue to support the forehead with the palm of your other hand. Rotate your thumb clockwise in superslow motion as you gradually apply firm pressure into the hollow and gently tilt the head back for 1 minute. Press the points underneath the base of the skull as you lift the head upward, giving gentle traction to the neck for approximately 30 seconds. Very gradually release the pressure, bringing the head downward. PREPARING FOR LOVE Body touching for both men and women is essential to the truly satisfying love experience. Loving should be harmonious cooperation between men and women in which your hands and every other part of your body gives and receives pleasure. BUILDING INTIMACY When you commit to a spiritual partnership . . . you learn the value of considering the other’s position. By becoming the other person, by truly walking into the fears of the other and then returning into your own being again . . . you see each other as spiritual playmates as you work through the areas that require healing in each of you. Years ago, I was in love with a woman who put me through a roller- coaster ride of great highs and tremendous lows. We started each day by doing special stretching and breathing exercises together. Every morning, she would wake up negative, grumpy, and irritable. Since I adored her, on her birthday I made a commitment to give her acupressure ten nights in a row. Even though some nights I was exhausted, I managed to give her the following shoulder and neck routine. At the end of ten days, to my amazement, she was optimistic about life and cheerful in the morning, and best of all, she seemed incredibly in love with me. Shoulder and neck tension is common for both men and women. This hands-on routine is particularly helpful for alleviating the tensions that can ruin a relationship. Try it someday when your partner comes home exhausted after work. You can also use it to relieve general stress, minor depression, aggravation, anxiety, and insomnia. At first, this routine will take you at least a half hour to finish. But once you become familiar with the techniques (and don’t have to read through all these instructions!) the eight steps will take you only 10 to 15 minutes. Learn more at

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