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If you want another option, you could use a dildo and you would look for the longest, thickest dildo that your woman can handle. The idea is that you fill your woman up right to the hilt and get nudged right in there to the cervix, so that can be an alternate cervical orgasm tool for you. In summary, you just want to remember to be gentle as you start, patient and realize that this is a whole process of growth. It’s not just about this immediate pleasure reward, that’s there a whole process and the process has amazing benefits to offer both of you. You need to make sure that you’ve cleared the blocks in the space. Learn more at and

This orgasm is going to register any kind of little disturbance that’s in the space between you and she’s not going to be able to get there, so you have to keep doing that work. Keeping that glass clear by communicating with each other. This is one of the best experiences that a woman can have sexually, is this practice to open incrementally. To have you there with her every step of the way and the beautiful microcosm that as she opens in her cervix, as she opens to you sexually, she becomes open in life. That’s the absolute crux and key of the well-fucked woman, is that she’s open in bed and she’s open in life. I just got back to LA from Mexico where I was doing my retreat, my annual Orgasmic Enlightenment Retreat there. I have to say, we had 20 people there, we had 9 couples and a couple of singles. Pretty much for every single couple there, the biggest issue would be polarity. There’s absolutely no one there who had a polarity situation that they were enjoying [laughs], meaning it was a struggle. A lot of them didn’t even know about it. They’d never really heard of it or they might have done some work on it but were still struggling with it. Another woman had actually done a course of mine but she had just conveniently kind of like skipped over the polarity section, not wanting to really look at it. Everyone had massive, massive issues with it. One of the things that people go on living with in their relationships and their lives and they don’t understand until it’s really highlighted to them how essential and influential this piece is. When it’s not there, i.e., typically what happens is that the woman is taking on more masculine energy and the man is backing down and taking on more feminine energy and neither is happy. Typically, like there are a couple other teachers out there, like David Deida and Pat Allen, who suggest that there can be couples where the female—in a hetero relationship—where the female is in the more masculine role and the man is in the more feminine role and that that works for them. Learn more at

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