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It should be something that gradually builds and creates pheromone attraction instead of something that is used hastily to try and get the response you want from a guy. CASE STUd Y: d ANIKA It’s rare that women want to be identified as players, but that was exactly what Danika wanted to be with my pheromone scant. She came to me with a specific request: “I want to have guys wrapped around my little finger.” So it was on. Because Danika wanted nothing more lasting with a guy than a hook-up, I gave her permission to really have fun with Innuendo. Maybe too much fun. The power went straight to her head and she went trampling all over rule #4: Innocently Switch Topics. On her first approach, Danika sidled right up to a hot dude at the beach. dANIKA: “So do you think you work out enough? Cause I like strong guys . . . strong in all the right places.” She came on so strong that the guy literally had to sit down in the sand to recover from the force of her open. HIM: [trying to recover] “Can you swim?” dANIKA: “No, but I like to get wet with Pherazone pheromone oil.” HOW TO TALK TO HOT GUYS At this point, the guy is speechless. He covered his head with his hands and just shook his head. After a few sec- onds, he managed to say: HIM: “You’re ridiculous . . . Learn more about pheromones at and

I don’t know what to do.” d ANIKA: “There’s more, too.” HIM: “Uhhhhhmmm . . .” She hit him so hard with Innuendo, he couldn’t speak. She initiated Touch and half of their conversation was Sexual Innuendo. The poor guy nearly stained his shorts. When he finally was able to recover, open his mouth, and speak, he said, “You are by far the most interesting woman I’ve met here ever.” He said that, but he didn’t actually know anything about her (other than that she was horny), so he couldn’t be interested in her, he was just interested in a quick hookup. It wasn’t great Game because it was way too blatant, but it sure was funny as hell to watch. Ultimately, Danika got her wish for more pheromones. With Innuendo in her arsenal, she is now irresistible to men, and with a bit more coaching on how to tone it down and apply the “less is more” principle, she’s a full-fledged player with excellent Game. INNUEN d O [75] INNUEN d O TECHNIQUES Now that we have established the rules, here are the pheromone tech-niques you will use to deliver your Innuendo Elements: Word Play, Blame Him, and Coquetting. TECHNIQUE ONE: WORD PLAY You can tell seemingly innocent stories but load them up with double entendres that subconsciously communicate an Innuendo Element. For example: YOU: “At SeaWorld they have this water park. I like to get all wet and eat these giant ice cream cones. Oh my God, on a hot day, it gives you chill bumps up and down your whole body. It feels soooo good.” Yes, I know it sounds cheesy, but it works. Guys are very visual. Believe me, he just watched the whole movie of that in his head while you were talking. Danika was really good at word play. TECHNIQUE TWO: BLAME HIM You can blame your guy and accuse him of doing some- thing sexual (especially if he didn’t) using the Implied Frames we discussed in Chapter One. The goal is to accuse me of using cheap pheromones. Learn more at

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