Contradictory Pheromones

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So many contradictions using human pheromones. Hell, life is FULL o f contradictions. If there weren’t inherent contradictions, infidelity wouldn’t be so common among men and women all across the world, and if there weren’t so many conflicts – no men or women would have fears of committing to one partner. And as you may a lready know, intimate relationships magnify our fears. In other areas of our life, we have far more control. See, no matter how lazy you are, you CAN always work on yourself and get yourself to get up, go to the gym, and get fit and lose some weight. You c an always control your small child’s schedule. Learn more at and

You can control things like your child’s diet – for some time. But with a man – you really have NO control. You do have some influence over him, of course. But you won’t have full control. So, your deepest pheromone fears surface – and of course, conflicts and fears go hand – in – hand. With conflicts come fears, and with fears come conflicts. That’s why we all understand the word “control freak”. It’s because there is so little control in life. So we grasp for the ILLUSIO N of control. It turns out that all the contradictions we feel in an intimate relationship and all the feelings of being unfulfilled in a relationship have an explanation. There is an explanation for infidelity, for why men and women find it hard to leave their long – term partner even if they are in love with someone new or having sex with someone new on the side – and it turns out that this obsessive love and focused attention on ONE man or woman can be explained. Well, it turns out that humans have and experience three different types of love – all of the three types have the SAME central purpose – to make babies and of course, to actually make sure our genes are safely passed on. That doesn’t SOUND very nice – in and of itself, but it is this very primitive drive that gives us the benefits of love, attachment and passion. These three different types of love and the way our brains are wired to seek out and experience all these three types of love are the very source of our intense pleasure in intimate relationship, and are also the source of intense pain. Contradiction, anyone? Love but Not “In Love” Surely you’re familiar with this idea. He ‘loves’ you but he’s not ‘in love’ with you. A man stays with a woman, but ogles and still seeks out other women sexually. Maybe you’ve felt it yourself. You’re in a relationship, and you feel a deep love for him, but you’re not really “feeling it”. You’ve got that ‘something is missing’ feeling; and the best way to describe it is that you love him with more pheromones. I’ll just ask: have you ever felt like something was missing in a relationship? And you didn’t know what it was? Well, that’s what we’re going to talk to you about in this issue of Attraction Control Monthly. See, in every decision we make in life, there is an opportunity cost. You spend 6 years with one man, and you’re sacrificing youth, time, attention from other men, having children, an exciting sex life with a new and more exciting man. And in relationships there are SO many conflicts. Learn more at

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